"Walking Upward", video with music, 1:14min, 2016

"Walking Upward", video with music, 1:14min, 2016



Wong Wo Bik has a long and active career as a photographic and media artist, curator, researcher and art educator. She is one of the founding members of Hong Kong International Photo Festival (Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association) in 2010. She has participated in 10+ solo and 100+ local and international two person/group exhibitions since 1980. Her works reveals cultural and artistic issues including city architecture and daily livelihood, conflict and balance, fabrication and reality.

Wong received her BFA degree in sculpture and printmaking from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio in 1977 and MFA degree in photography from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in the United States in 1979.


Wong was awarded the Hong Kong Women Excellence in the Six Arts from Hong Kong Federation of Women in 2013 and received the Certificate of Commendation from the Secretary of Home Affairs, Hong Kong for the promotion of arts in 2010. She has been the Museum Honorary Advisor for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 1996. She is also the fellowship recipient of Asian Cultural Council (ACC) and Institute of International Education (IIE) in 1995 respectively. 


Wong’s solo publications include: Color & Consent, by Polaroid Far East (HK) Limited in 1983, Hong Kong/China photographers – Volume four – Wong Wo Bik, by AsiasOne Publishing Co. Ltd in 2009. She has been the writer for exhibition catalogs, magazines and newspapers since 1988.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Hong Kong, China), Hong Kong M+ Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou, China), Archive of Modern Conflict (London, Great Britain), and private collectors (Hong Kong and United States)

Current Project

Wong aims at exploring the aesthetic of the disappearance of built-structure and cityscape through the application of still and moving images.